Investment Strategists in Blockchain

WEMERGE – The Investment Strategists in Blockchain – was established in Singapore with operational offices in China, Malaysia and the SEA region and listed on Bankor Network in May 2018.

Our focus is to accelerate the growth of high-profile blockchain portfolios across the globe. Moreover, we provide the means for anyone to become a smarter investor by using our effective and comprehensive WEMERGE Investment Strategy (WIS), as well as our global community ecosystem.

WE-MERGE Together

WEMERGE fuses expertise and experience, including areas such as technology entrepreneurship, financial markets, blockchain, application development, digital marketing, blockchain market regulation, cryptocurrency and tokenomic strategies. We specialise in developing unique sustainable investment strategies, not only in order to enable investment in high quality blockchain companies, but also to strengthen their brand and accelerate growth. Being a leader in investment strategy, we offer anyone the opportunity to become a smarter investor by investing into the professionally managed, diverse portfolio and global community ecosystem of WEMERGE.

3 Unique
Selling Proposition



Project Revenue
(High Return)



Mining Revenue
(Consistent Return)



Education, Vote,
Token Airdrop,

Our Investment

High Potential Investment & Accelerating Projects
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