Brandker Capital

Asia’s Leading Entrepreneurial Education & Capital Platform

A member of Brandker Group, operating in Malaysia, Singapore and China. We drive the growth of high-impact businesses through our 4 main divisions: Advisory, Education, Accelerator and Capital.

Be The Next Master

With 15 years expertise in Business, Branding and Strategy, we have worked with business owners and brands from Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Brunei, Japan, India, Philippines, China and Canada across various industries.

We empower local businesses to build world class brands by leveraging on Brand Capital Strategy. We work with our team of experienced Mentors, Business Leaders and Investors community to guide and support our portfolios to the next level.

Vision & Mission


• To become Asia’s Most Influential Education and Capital Platform


• Empowering local businesses to build international brands through education and capital support

• Nurturing future leaders who champion ‘Be The Light’ as core value

• Building and growing an international business and investment community platform for networking and resource sharing

Our Achievement

Inspired More Than 5,000 Entrepreneurs
Educated More Than 300 Entrepreneurs
Conducted More Than 50 Class

Market Expansion












Saudi Arabia







Brands We Have Worked With

Entrepreneurial Education

The Brand Mastermind Institute

Be The Next Master

Our signature Master Series is all about empowering Future Leaders, equipping them with Brand Capital and Duality Strategy™, to increase business valuation and build social and economic driven World Class Brands.

Our Speaker

Matthew Chong
International Brand & Business Capital Strategy Coach

From an orphan who slept on the streets to InternationalBrand & Business Capital Strategy Coach, Matthew Chong is now a Socialpreneur, Angel Investor, Author, Singer-Songwriter, the Founder and Group CEO of Brandker Group. Matthew is the 2015 Ernst & Young Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year Top Nominee as well as the 2018 and 2014 Ten Outstanding Young Malaysians Top Finalist. Brandker Group was also awarded the 2014 JCI Malaysia ‘Socially Responsible Company’ in support of UN Global Impact.

The Master Series

The Master Series empowers entrepreneurs to master five key business areas: Branding, Capital, Digitalisation, Management and Leadership. Through three levels, entrepreneurs are able to grow their business from concept to execution, applying strategies for new market development, effective operations and implement business standardisation and automation. To grow the business from concept to execution, apply practical strategies for new market development and attract investors with brand valuation.

Level 1 The Leader

  Personal Development

  Entrepreneurial Mindset

  Leadership Wisdom

  Presentation Skills

  Leadership Charisma

2 Days Leadership Training
Create your Leadership Life Blueprint,
become an influential leader.

Level 2 The Brandpreneur

• Branding

• Business Model

• Strategy

• Concept

• Implementation

3 Days Intensive Masterclass
Build a new brand and business model
that can be immediately executed.

Level 3 The Master

• Coaching

• Branding

• Business Model

• Strategy

• Capital

• Implementation

3 Days Intensive Masterclass
Create your Investment Deck,
revenue stream and market strategy.

6 months Business Coaching
Coaching sessions to monitor development progress.

Education Highlights


The Brand Accelerator

Advance Mentorship Programme

Driving Growth & Impact

From an innovative idea to economic and social impact, transform your passion into sustainable growth. The Brandker Advance Mentorship (BAM) programme seeks to empower potential businesses to be investment ready at the end of 12 months.

Business owners undergo one-to-one coaching with experienced Mentors to gain relevant industry insights and guidance. We focus on our portfolio’s scalability, supporting them with business strategy advisory and access to different resources from our existing network of ecosystem partners.

3 Key Values of The Brand Accelerator

1. Support by the Best-In-Class Mentors

Our team of mentors consist of successful business leaders and industry experts dedicated in guiding the growth of our portfolio with valuable industry insights and experience.

2. Business Strategy Advisory

Each portfolio undergoes business consultation sessions to strategise a sustainable and scalable business model as well as creating effective market development strategies to achieve business goals.

3. Access to Ecosystem Partners & Resources

Our portfolios are able to benefit from our ecosystem partners, receiving marketing, finance, tech and legal resources that will further support their business growth.

From IDEA to IPO


1. Concept Validation


2. Business Advisory


3. Investment Deck


4. Mentorship Sessions


5. Infrastructure Building


6. Market Validation


7. Brand Expansion


8. Global & Regional Networking


9. Investor Matching


10. IPO

Accelerator Portfolio


The Brand Capitalist

Capital Platform

We believe in building the Future.
We invest in the Future.

Driven by our passion to create value through entrepreneurship, we want to help driven business owners grow exponentially to bring more positive impact to the society. Brandker Capital’s Investment Committee consist of experienced Angel Investors, Partner VCs and Investment Firms from Malaysia, Singapore and China, we select high performing portfolios from the ASEAN region that have an innovative edge.

The Investment Process

1. Search

Uncover potential high value portfolio, to accelerate the growth of our Future Stars.

2. Evaluate

Our portfolio selection process is managed by our team of experienced advisors
and investors.

3. Invest

We invest into our portfolio for exponential growth.

4. Manage

We journey with our portfolio to monitor and manage a sustainable growth.

5. Exit

Our exit strategy is within 3 to 5 years.

We Invest In

1. Education

2. Property

3. Hospitality & Tourism

4. Media

5. Technology & Blockchain

6. Retail & FnB

Join Our Brandker Mastermind Community™ Today


BMC Unique Selling Proposition


1. Lifelong Learning


2. Offline Networking & Corporate Visits


3. Access BMC Online Portal for Business Matching


4. BMC Partner Learn & Earn Referral Incentives

Our Testimonial

  • “Matthew’s sharing is very practical, not only that, he shared with all of us the essence of his 20 years of entrepreneurial journey.”

    大树老师的分享是很实际的,而且他把20年所创造出来的精华跟我们一一 分享,这是很难得的。
    WILLIAM TANG Executive Director of The Store
  • “Matthew conveys the course with clarity which shows his expertise in the field. I am able to incorporate business while elevating my own branding.”

    大树老师把课程简单化解释得很透彻,这显示他的功力。上了课后,不单单是提升了我的品牌,我也能将所学 的融入我的教学。(从事教育培训)
    ANTONY TEE Head of Analyst & Coaching of Investiker
  • "I always think I have good strategy but the result is never good enough. After attending the course, I realised the problem is not with the method but the execution steps. This helped me reflect and breakthrough in terms of business model."

    我时常都会觉得自己拥有不错的方 法,但是结果就是不理想。上课之后,我发现不是方法出了问题,而是程序编排需要调整。这让我有所反思,在企业模式上有了进一步的突破!
    DESMOND TEO Director of Multiply View Supply
  • "We usually pay a lot of money to go learn from ivy league professors and everyone comes out and teaches the same thing. Matthew is special because he came from the school of hard knocks, he has that special essence, different from everyone else, the X Factor, which you cannot learn from any book or online course, you have to meet them and learn from them."

    AMARPREET KAUR Founder of The Empress Den
  • "It is very clear that Matthew is very passionate about everything he does. Our organisation came a long way in terms of operations and expansion, but not much attention is given to marketing, A&P and branding. Hence, Matthew is the right person to learn from to develop a business’ emotional value."

    非常清楚的是,大树对一切充满热忱 。我们的公司一向都注重运营和业务扩张,而没有关注营销、广告和品牌 。因此大树是最合适的导师,引导我们发挥企业的感性价值。
    NG IVIE Biz Development Manager of Johnny’s Restaurant
  • "Grateful for Matthew’s wise and wholehearted teachig; the passion in helping others to have no regrets; tireless teaching to bring hope and guidance; and the building of everyone’s dreams with the parts and pieces of knowledge."

    JESSLINE LEE Founder and CEO of Remons Beauty
  • "Matthew is an amazing coach. We have a feeling of where we are supposed to go, but all the steps we don’t know. So now we got the perfect recipe to make our ideas a success."

    RENEE BELLAVANCE Artist and Founder of Artsplaces
  • "After the class, I found the solution to my human resource issues. I have a clearer and more complete future plan. Those who are lost are able to regain momentum and purpose."

    SAW WAN LI Financial Adviser, Axa Affin
  • "A success company branding begins with personal branding. Why is my brand unknown? Why isn't my market in the blue ocean? Why is my product caught up in a price war in the red ocean? 3 days, Matthew will go deep with all this!"

    成功的企业品牌由个人开始。为何我的品牌寂寂无闻?为何我的市场不是蓝海?为何我的产品总是在红海里打着价格 战?三天,大树老师将一一剖析!
    LISA LOKE Director of Hot Pot Shabu Shabu
  • "This is a most superb course that I have attended in many years. Matthew is so different from other speakers in the market. He speaks from his heart. He shows you tons of industry knowledge in terms of business model in a flick of second. I strongly recommend entrepreneurs in the market to attend this course!"

    MABEL LIM Director of Picasso & Space
  • “Matthew is definitely a superb Brand Master who teaches with all his heart! Allowing me to regain the courage to pursue the forgotten dream. Matthew has become the light in branding and business, illuminating our hopes and igniting our hearts!”

    大树老师绝对是一位用生命来教导 大家的超级品牌大师!让我重新有勇气找回那曾经被遗忘的梦想。大树老师已经成为了企业品牌的一道光,照亮了我们的希望,点燃了我们的内心!
    AKIN KHOR Director of The Stage
  • “Matthew’s course is well designed. With his background in F&B and retail, this is the best Branding class I’ve came across so far in the market.”

    STEVE GOH CEO of Taste Better

Our Award


Asia’s Most Influential Brand Award

ASIA SUPERBRANDS AWARD (ASBA) is a great platform for the SME among Asia. Our objective is to push the Asia’s brand to the international market. At ASBA, our stellar line-up of speakers will reveal how a brand strategy can deliver measurable economic benefits. Beside that, ASBA is also provide a unique opportunity to engage in open dialogue with executives, business owners, political leaders and iconic celebrities. with ASBA Award Night we celebrates high impact brands with significant economic and social contributions, and also provide a platform to connect each other.


Celebrates High Impact Brands

NOBLE BRAND AWARDS (NBA) celebrates high impact brands with significant economic and social contributions from different regions. Businesses which leverage on the power of Branding to lead new movements in business and community.

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