BRANDKER GROUP is a Brand Investment & Education Group, focusing in Education, Consultancy and Investment. We aim to Redefine Brands of the ASEAN region, to accelerate growth and provide support to the local entrepreneurs’ community.

BRANDKER Group started as a Branding & Business Strategy Consultancy in 2008. We worked with local and international businesses across various industries, helping both corporate brands and SMEs create solid Brand Identity and Creative campaigns as well as Advisory in Business Strategy.

Being in the industry for 15 years, we identified that there are many local SMEs who are not familiar with Branding, or more precisely Brand Building Strategy. There are also many matured, traditional SMEs who lack of knowledge in Tech. Hence, Brandker Group seeks to transform the local Branding Landscape, to empower more local businesses to become successful International Brands with a digitalised business model.

Brandker group is supported by 5 pillars

Today, BRANDKER Group has 5 pillars that will propel the growth of local businesses. BRANDKER Masterclass and Brandker College play the role of the Educator to enlighten minds with a global perspective and transfer relevant business knowledge. BRANDKER, the investment division incubates potential Tech Start Ups as well as help traditional businesses digitalise their business model. Brandker Consultancy provides solution and advisory services in Strategy, Creative, Technology and Digital. Brandker & Co. is a social workspace for Brandker's community of entrepreneurs.

Who are you ?

We believe the future of business is collaborative.


BRANDKER is our Incubator and Investment arm, we develop, strengthen and invest in local Tech Startups, as well as help Traditional Businesses transform to Digital.

BRANDKER believes in creating value for the world through entrepreneurship, turning great ideas into reality. We journey with our fellow entrepreneurs, from an innovative idea to an influential international BRAND and ultimately achieving IPO.

BRANDKER Investment Programme

We are forming a movement to change the ASEAN startup scene, making it easier and more accessible for investors to invest into potential portfolios, by leveraging on our investment ecosystem.

BRANDKER Investment Growth

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The community for Investors

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Business Digital Transformation

Suitable for traditional business owners

Embracing innovation to create the next wave of your business

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Tech Startup Mentorship

Suitable for students, millenials and tech-savvy entrepreneurs

Building the company from the first brick to achieve IPO target

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