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BRANDKER invests in tech startups, we accelerate growth and provide capital investment to talented and passionate entrepreneurs. BRANDKER is all about creating value through business, transforming great ideas into reality.

To us, every entrepreneur is BRANDKER. A brand reflects an entrepreneur’s business, vision and mission. BRANDKER brings together Ideation, Technology, Education, Leadership, and Resources for entrepreneurs on one platform. We believe in building a Global Entrepreneurs’ Community, where we journey with our fellow entrepreneurs, from an innovative IDEA to an influential international BRAND and ultimately achieving IPO.

We support and connect local entrepreneurs with network, resources, funding, office space, and education. Our mentors of different expertise team up with the entrepreneurs to scale and grow. Education is the heartbeat of BRANDKER. Entrepreneurs stay ahead in the game through our incubator curriculum. They also access capital and global resources through BRANDKER’s investment network and fund, as well as networking opportunities to enter into new markets.

Today, BRANDKER is in Malaysia, China and Singapore and will be expanding to Indonesia, Vietnam and India by 2020. BRANDKER is supported by 3 different divisions – BRANDKER Academy, BRANDKER Tech and BRANDKER Consultancy to help entrepreneurs achieve their dreams and make a difference in the world.



At BRANDKER, our vision is to “Be the Light” for children, businesses and communities. We aim to achieve this by focusing on 2 main sectors, which are digital and education.

The world as we know it is disrupted by the digital revolution, hence we want to invest in digital startups with an integration of technology as part of their business model. This includes E-commerce, Content, IoT and SaaS platforms.

We strongly believe that “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world,” as said by Nelson Mendela. We want to invest in education startups that could transform communities.